Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Guest Blogger: Angelina Rain

Today is a day to celebrate! Angelina Rain is here -- a new anthology featuring one of her stories is out now! So... with plenty of champers and sparkling water all around, I hand you over to Angelina.

Why I Write
When I discovered reading, I didn’t just discover books. I discovered my passion. Reading was something that pulled me away from my boring life and threw me into a world I wasn’t familiar with.

When I wanted adventure, I would read romantic suspense, and when in need of love, contemporary romance would take a lead. When I would find a new author, I would read everything she/he ever published.

Soon enough, everything started to look the same. All James Patterson novels revolved around a serial killer. All Sandra Brown characters were the same. All Iris Johansen novels ended the same way. And all Janet Evanovich jokes were repeated.

I needed to read something different. I started coming up with my own ideas, my own plots and characters. They were in my head, entertaining my bored with life mind. But those stories wanted to be told and shared, so I had to write them. I wrote around thirty short stories and three novels in about two years. And then I put it all away. I didn’t start writing again until last year. Now I’m on my second publishing contract and my first short story, “The Problem with Love Spells”, (part of the “Indecent Encounters” anthology) is out TODAY!

Angie’s Fun Facts: When my mother was pregnant with me, she had severe insomnia and was addicted to books. She would read a book a night. You see, I was a reader before I was born.

Indecent Encounters
A Ménage Anthology, including “The Problem with Love Spells” by Angelina Rain
Sometimes a woman needs more than a lover… Independent, lustful ladies find pleasure and intrigue with more than one man, from a scandalous vacation in Australia, to a forced seduction at a cabin in the woods. A witch needs to break a shameful spell, and an older woman slakes her sexual needs with two younger men. Cougars purr with unrequited desire and werewolves compete for the love of their mate. Satisfaction is just a sigh away as a surgeon bends the rules for her patient, and an over-stressed boss finds more than a little peace with secret admirers. Find out what wicked delights await you with Indecent Encounters.

The Problem with Love Spells
When you’re cursed to live your whole life unloved, can you really be held responsible for casting a love spell? When Gretchen realizes that her love spell went wrong, her only option is to reverse it before too much damage is done. However, when she wakes with a werewolf and a vampire in her bed, she learns that even reversing a love spell could have its consequences.

~*~ GIVEAWAY ~*~
Angelina Rain is giving away one free copy of “Indecent Encounters” and it could be yours. All you have to do is comment or ask a question (she will answer it in the comments). One lucky winner will be announced on Feb 11th on Angelina’s blog. Leave your e-mail address so Angelina can e-mail you if you win.

Thank you, Angelina, and congratulations!


  1. Thank you so much, Talli, for letting me be a guest blogger today. It really means a lot to me. :-)

  2. It was great, Angelina, to read about another writer who had to write what I wasn't seeing offered but wanted to read.

    From your short story description, it sounds like your heroine is in for one wild adventure. I pray that your stories and novels shoot up the bestseller lists, Roland

  3. A vampire and a werewolf? That would make for an interesting, um, time, lol!

    I hear you on the same ole same ole predictability. Although I love romance and sub-genres, I tend to alternate my genres when I need something fresh to read. I might grab a thriller or a good suspense.

    I'm like you, write what I enjoy reading.

    Wishing you the best with this one!

  4. Roland D. Yeomans, thank you. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be a bestseller. One can only hope.

    ~Sia McKye~, thank you. Yes, my story was definitely fun to write.

  5. I did something I so rarely do--on account because Facebook scares me. LOL.

    I shared your FB post on my profile today. Indecent Encounters is just in time for Valentine's Day.

    Waves at Talli. Hiya, Talli!

  6. Maria Zannini, thank you. You are such a sweetheart. I’m with you though; I’m not a facebook fan. I go there because Evernights’ authors’ group page is there so I learn new info weeks before the readers do and interact with my fellow authors, but besides that, Facebook is useless to me.

  7. This was a great post, Angelina, and it's fantastic that you write to fill the gap you found in your reading! I hope your stories and books do fantastically!

  8. This book looks simply scandalous! I love it. :)

    stephanie AT stephaniemloree DOT com

  9. Thank you Angelina for sharing.
    I used to love Dean Koontz (still do), but it tends to revolve around the same kind of characters every time. I think it's hard as a writer to reinvent yourself.

    Do you think your three books are all different from another? Or can they easily be referred back to you? Did you try hard not to write the same again or was it easy for you?
    Thanks Talli, another great author I get to know.
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  10. I love Angelina's story! Born a reader and writer indeed! Congratulations on the anthology and best of luck with your writing career Angelina!

  11. Sangu, Stephanie M. Lorée, and Heather, thank you all for your wonderful comments.

    Nahno McLein, thanks for commenting. For me, it is easy to come up with new characters and plots, but I’m still a beginner. I think when I have more books under my belt, characters and plots may start to recycle. It’s only natural to repeat yourself as an author, we all have our signature styles that seem to appear in everything we write without us even noticing.

  12. oooo this looks interesting! :)

  13. The urge to read something different is part of why I began writing as well.

  14. Hi Talli .. and Angelina - fun to learn how you got started and why .. and your Fun Fact - good addition.

    Sounds a really great anthology .. so I look forward to reading .. here's to lots of success - to you both!!

    Cheers Hilary

  15. Angelina, I loved reading about your reading and writing origins. Huge congrats on the anthology, and much success to you in all your future projects!

    Hi Talli!!

  16. Thank heavens you picked up the pen again! Your story sounds delightful. Can't wait to read it.

    Kariwhite(at) charter(dot) net

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  18. Hi Talli, Hello Angelina.

    It was nice reading a bit more about you!

  19. Claire, thank you

    Alex J. Cavanaugh, thank you. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who writes for that reason.

    Hilary Melton-Butcher, thank you. I, myself, enjoy learning of how different authors start writing.

    ~Nicole Ducleroir~, thank you

    Kari Marie, thank you. You know, I had put down the pen for about five years and I always found myself thinking about how much I wanted to write again, but life always got in the way.

    Nas Dean, thank you.

  20. That's a great anecdote about her mom! Angelina's love of books really did start when she was in the womb. Very cool!

    Gretchen's story sounds enticing. Great interview!

  21. what an interesting blog post.

    Congratulations on the Anthology, Angelina.

  22. Oooh it's lovely Angelina Rain with the gorgeous name and her scrummy yummy sexy anthology!!! Love it! Thank you gorgeous Talli for hosting! Take care

  23. Hi Angelina!

    Best of success to you on the anthology.

  24. That's why reading is so important for writers! Nothing makes us want to write more than reading... well that and seeing hunky men on tv... and yes, yes, the voices in my head. But, that's all.

  25. Laura Marcella, thank you. Yes, my mother reminds me all the time that I was born reading. When I was younger, she used to give me chores to do that I would forget because of a good book. It used to drive her crazy that I would read so much.

    Lucie, Old Kitty, and M Pax , thank you.

    Clarissa Draper, thank you. Lol, yes, the voices in the head help too. And thank for mentioning the hunky guys, many of my male characters look like the hunky guys on TV.

  26. Wow, what an inspirational success story! And how funny that your mother read so much when she was pregnant with you - too bad I'm done having babies or I might give that a try. :)

  27. This is an awesome guest post! Thank you Angelina for writing today, and thanks to Talli too! :)


  28. I love all kinds of romance and mysteries too! :)

    Good luck with the anthology - your story sounds fun!

  29. Interesting about your mom having severe insomnia. My wife slept a lot when pregnant which was fine by me. Best wishes for your success!

  30. What a fantastic post and thank you for sharing Angelina! Conngrats on the new book and fingers crossed that your good luck continues!

  31. Susan Fields, The Red Angel, Jemi Fraser, Stephen Tremp, and Lindsay N. Currie, thank you to all of you for taking the time to share your opinions.

  32. I'm the same way as Angelina, you learn that the stories you want to read haven't been created yet so you start to create what you want to read and it works out!! I'm recently running into that problem and it's nice to know I have the tools to fall into another world!!!

    Thanks Angelina & Talli!


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