Thursday, June 19, 2014

Vanishing June

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe June is half over already! It's been a very busy month, starting with my book launch.

Just look at those lovely banners gracing the homepage of, along with the Kindle Books page. So exciting.

There was a also a lovely book launch to celebrate Liz Fenwick's latest, A Cornish Stranger.

Liz Harris, Christina Courtney, Lizzie Lamb. Julie Cohen, Adrienne Vaughan, Me, and Rowan Coleman.

And then there was a yummy dinner with my co-founders of Notting Hill Press...

Michele Gorman, Belinda Jones, and Me.
There were some of these along the way...

Limoncello martini.

And there was also Father's Day to add to the mix!

Baby TR and Mr TR with his Super-Dad Socks. 

What a great month it's been so far! Hope everyone is enjoying June just as much. 

Thursday, June 05, 2014

The No-Kids Club is Out Now!

Hello hello! Happy Thursday, everyone.

It's been a very exciting week chez TR because my new novel, The No-Kids Club, is out now as an ebook, audiobook, and paperback.

At almost forty, Clare Donoghue is living child-free and loving it.

Then her boyfriend says he wants kids, breaking off their promising relationship. And it’s not just boyfriends: one by one, her formerly carefree friends are swallowed up in a nonstop cycle of play dates and baby groups. So Clare decides it’s time for people who don’t have children to band together. And so the No-Kids Club is born.

As the group comes together—Anna, who’s seeking something to jumpstart a stale marriage, and Poppy, desperate for a family but unable to conceive—Clare’s hoping to make the most of the childless life with her new friends.

Will the No-Kids Club be Clare’s route to happiness, or will the single life lose its sparkle?

You can buy it on and

Have a great week, everyone!