Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Uno, Dos, Tres

Keeping 'er short and simple today, as I gear up for the A to Z Challenge starting on Friday! I've got three things to share with you. Aren't I nice!

1. Today is a hair salon day. Very important in my world, since I have short, platinum hair. It's not a good look when that grows out, believe me.

2. The bunion on my wrist is getting bigger! It's been such a pleasure watching it grow stronger and develop into the fine bunion specimen it is today.

3. I'm at author Caroline Smailes' blog today! Caroline is an author I first met on Twitter and then in person at her launch of Like Bees to Honey. She is super nice and SO supportive; she recently talked me down off the ledge when I had a mini-implosion. Anyway, please check out her blog if you get the chance because it's a great one, on any day!

Happy Hump Day, everyone!

Monday, March 28, 2011

String Bridge!

Happy Monday! Can you believe the sky is blue here? Again! It's like the tropics or something. My big weekend news (if you haven't already seen it on Facebook): I saw two really cute owls sleeping in a tree in Kensington Gardens. This has made me inordinately excited -- and worried about my mental state. I really need to get out more! But they were so cute!

On to more exciting things -- Jessica Bells' trailer for her upcoming novel, String Bridge.

To help promote it, Jessica's running a fantastic (and simple!) contest. All you need to do is link to her trailer then head to her blog and leave a comment with where you've linked to! It's just that easy, folks. (I feel like I'm writing a car commercial here. )

In other exciting news, the A-Z Challenge has reached 700 people! It's going to be EPIC. Maybe even more exciting than owls!

What animal excites you? (Ahem. In the purest way possible, of course.)

Friday, March 25, 2011

In Defence of Chick Lit

Happy Friday!

We're experiencing some truly glorious springtime weather these days in London -- honestly, it's like being in another city when the sun shines here! I'm happy to report my birthday went off with plenty of champagne and wine -- thank you all for the wonderful wishes.

Today I'm over at Nik Perring's blog, wondering why I often adopt an annoyingly apologetic tone when I talk about chick lit. Nik is the author of Not So Perfect, a collection of short stories. While I've only just started reading it, I'm blown away by his talent! So even if you don't feel like getting an eyeful of chick litty stuff, head over and check out his blog anyway. That's an order! *cracks whip*

Do you ever feel the need to apologize for what you write, or am I just spectacularly lame (you don't need to answer the second half of that, really...)?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A to Z Challenge: How to Blog Like It's Not a Chore

One very important bit of information before I launch into my post: tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY! Yes, I'll be turning the big 3-7. Yes, I'm getting old(er). No, I don't care!

As much as I love blogging, sometimes it can be a bit of a chore. I'm not in the mood; I've got nothing to say; I just want to have that glass of wine at the end of the day (although let's be honest -- I'm going to have it anyway, blogging or not).

With the A to Z Challenge coming up starting April 1, here are some of my tips to lighten the blogging load.

1. Keep it short, keep it short, keep it short! You don't need to write an essay.

2. Stick to one point. Blog posts that address one issue are easiest for people to read and comment.

3. If you can't think of anything to say - just have fun! You don't always need to be serious, and your readers will likely appreciate a little bit of levity.

3. Don't over think it. It's a blog post, not a peace treaty.

4. Drink some wine. Or eat some chocolate. That will make anything fun!

5. If you really don't feel like blogging - don't. No kittens will die. The world won't end. Take a break if you need it and get recharged.

There you have it! Want to sign up for the A-Z Challenge and have some fun? Visit Arlee's blog to give it a go - we're over 550 people now, I do believe.

I'm off to start the birthday festivities! See you on the other side.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Not in Bruges

I'm back! After a weekend of eating... drinking... eating... drinking (can you spot a pattern?), Mr TR and I returned late last night from Bruges. It's a fantastic place -- around every corner is yet another wonderful sight and the canals make it seem so peaceful. My phone is playing up, but I have managed to download a few of my many photos. Enjoy!

Hope you all had a great weekend, too.

I'll be back on Wednesday, talking about the A-Z Challenge and how to blog like it's not a chore. Until then, grab a chocolate from the photo above and enjoy!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Guest Blogger: Kate Johnson and The Untied Kingdom

Today I'm delighted to welcome shoe goddess extraordinaire Kate Johnson to my blog! Kate's a fellow member of the UK's Romantic Novelists' Association and an all-around lovely person. Her UK debut novel The Untied Kingdom is out soon! To be in with a chance to win a copy, leave a comment below.

Before I get to Kate, though -- thank you for all the wonderful comments on my last post. And can I remind you of Authors for Japan (which includes my books!). Bidding is open until Sunday.

I'm off to Bruges this weekend, embarking on a no-chocolate-left-behind tour! Wooo!

And now, over to Kate...

It's absolutely fabulous to be blogging here with the lovely and talented Talli, a lady of impeccable taste in shoes, and also provider of desperately-needed postcards with which to fan oneself on a hot July evening by the Thames! (Talli interjects: don't ask.)

Today I'm going to talk a little bit about the book trailer for my upcoming Choc Lit release, The Untied Kingdom. Book trailer, I hear you cry? What's that about then? Well, take a look:

*Kate takes a little bow*

The idea of a book trailer is pretty much the same as a movie trailer: to spread the word and give a taster of what's to come. It can be a tricky thing to get right--too long and you lose a viewer's interest, too short and you've missed the pertinent information. Too much text can be hard to read, especially if it's speeding by. Too many images with no explanation and it's just baffling. Getting the right soundtrack can be an impossibility, especially on a tight budget.

I started thinking about the trailer for The Untied Kingdom pretty much as soon as I sold the book. Oh all right, before that. Every now and then, with nothing else to do, I'd trawl stock photo sites, looking for pictures of people who resembled my characters, or the situations in which they found themselves. I began to assemble a loose script in my head, and I realised that with this particular book, something like a news report would be a good addition, keep it from being just a series of static images.

Of course, then I needed footage for the news report, and someone to read it out. Well, thanks to a year of reading out boarding calls at Stansted Airport, I could manage the second part myself, but footage of my then-teenaged heroine as an elfin popstar? I considered it. For about a second. Then I did the sensible thing and bought some stock footage from iStockphoto. I knew pretty much as soon as I saw the video of that girl singing that even though it took a big chunk of my budget, it needed to be part of my trailer: she's almost exactly how I pictured my heroine, Eve. I found an annoying electro-beat loop on the Garageband software on my Mac, and recorded the voiceover on top of it, for that 'news bulletin' feel. iMovie added the news ticker and visual effects.

Then it was onto the rest of the trailer. Pretty much the only thing I know about editing video footage is to cut on the beat--that is, to work out the interval between beats in the soundtrack, and use that as the basic unit of time for each frame. I got very lucky with my soundtrack (also iStockphoto), which has a nicely cinematic feel to it and reminds me a bit of the Inception soundtrack, and also some of the music from BBC's Being Human.

The stills in the trailer were from various stock photo sites, mostly Dreamstime and iStockphoto. I didn't always get the images I wanted: when I added it all up I realised compromises had to be made and in several cases, cheaper images found. Most of the quickly-glimpsed images in the montage at the end were free stock images: I searched for things like 'soldier' 'blood' 'kiss' etc. I knew I hadn't a hope in hell of finding a photo to look just like my hero, unless Richard Armitage returns my calls, so I went for a close-up of a man smoking a cigarette (which is one of my hero's many bad habits). For all of the scenes set in the alternate world of the Untied Kingdom, a world of war and hunger, I desaturated the images a bit to give that faded look you find in films like Saving Private Ryan.

I'd love to take credit for the fancy editing work, the text and transitional effects, but in truth I just picked them from iMovie options. I wanted to keep the visuals fairly simple, not too flashy, and make sure the text was as readable as possible.

I'll freely admit this is something of a procrastination for me. Right now I should be finishing work on my next book...but instead, I'm thinking about how I might create a trailer for that...

Kate is a prolific writer of romantic and paranormal fiction. Born in 1982, Kate is Choc Lit’s youngest author and lives near Stansted. She is a self-confessed fan of Terry Pratchett, whose fantasy fiction has inspired her to write her own books. Kate worked in an airport and a laboratory before escaping to write fiction full time. She is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association and has previously published short stories in the UK and romantic mysteries in the US. She’s a previous winner of the WisRWA's Silver Quill and Passionate Ink's Passionate Plume award.

Her UK debut novel
The Untied Kingdom has had rave reviews from everyone who has read the manuscript. This eagerly awaited novel will be published in April 2011 by Choc Lit.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Letting Go

Once you publish a book, it no longer belongs to you. It becomes a commodity for people to love or hate; embrace or burn.

This is a hard, hard lesson to learn -- and one I struggle with. I've poured my wine-soaked blood and sweat into my novel. I've anguished over plot lines, character development and word choices. But once my creation is out in the marketplace, I no longer have a part to play: my work is done and I need to move on.

It's so easy to get caught up in review angst -- stories often circulate of authors who even post vitriolic responses to reviews. But as difficult as it is to accept not everyone likes our work, the reality is that it's inevitable. And in my humble opinion, it's not the author's place to comment. If someone bought my book, they have a right to review it however they like.

Of course I want people to love everything I write. Of course any hint of negativity stings. But if I want to continue to write other (and hopefully even better) novels, I need to learn to let my novel go. On Twitter the other day, I said that as a writer, you need to develop thick skin. The wonderful novelist Katie Fforde responded that as writers, we can't help but have thin skin -- it's what makes us who we are.

So... my thin skin may get a little bruised from time to time. But it's a small price to pay for setting my novel free!

Happy Wednesday!

Check out some great top picks at Authors for Japan.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Authors for Japan

Before I get to today's main post, I want to thank everyone who helped make last week's big book giveaway so amazing! I've emailed everyone whose address I've been able to hunt down, but there are still a few I'm missing: Corporate Girl, Amy Saia, Pam Reader, Saumya and Kate Johnson -- if you're reading this, can you email me (talliroland AT Thanks!

So, onto today. It's horrifying what's happened in Japan, and author Keris Stainton is doing something about it. Over the course of the past two days, she's set up Authors for Japan, an online auction where loads of authors are donating everything from signed books to query critiques. The auction goes lives tomorrow at 8 a.m. until this Saturday, so pop by and check it out!

I'll only be blogging M-W-F until the start of the A-Z Challenge on April 1 to give me time to plough into some work that's built up, so I'll see you on Wednesday. Happy Monday!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Last Day of the Big Book Giveaway!

Woo! It's Friday and it's been a great week (apart from the minor incident on Wednesday). There are few more fabulous books going today, so I'll get straight to it. If you're a donor or a winner, I'll be in touch shortly!

Mousetrapped by Catherine Ryan Howard goes to... BRIGID OF SORT OF WRITING!

The Hating Game (donated by Jen Daiker) goes to... JACKEE AT WINDED WORDS!

Brilliant, by Rachel Howard, donated by Jennifer Hoffine goes to... LYDIA KANG!

Love in the Present Tense, by Catherine Ryan Hyde, donated by Corinne goes to... JEMI!

The O Henry Prize Short Stories, donated by Ann Ormond goes to... ANGELA FELSTED!

Grab bag selection! donated by Deniz Bevan goes to... DEBS RICCIO (Debs, you're a tricky one, but I guarantee you can't have read each book in this selection!) :)

Choice of a Marian Keyes book (courtesy of Jessica Bell) goes to... AINE TIERNEY!

And the rest of this week's winners:

A Heart to Mend, by Myne Whitman... JEN DAIKER
Be Careful What You Wish For, by Alexandra Potter, donated by Len... JUDE FROM MAD ABOUT ROMANCE
Breakthough by Stephen Tremp... LEIGH MOORE
Breakthrough by Stephen Tremp... NAS DEAN
Choice of a Marian Keyes book (courtesy of Jessica Bell)... SUSAN MILLS
Circle of Friends, Book V: Heather, by L. Diane Wolfe... ALEXANDRA SHOSTAK
Follow the Cowherd Boy, by J.A. Joshi... MICHAEL DI GESU
From Notting Hill... with Love Actually... CORPORATE GIRL
Hands on the Hips, by Jhon Baker... MATT RUSH!
Like Bees to Honey... JILL KEMERER
Naked in Knightsbridge by Nicky Schmidt... KATIE WORKMAN
Notes from Nadir, by Lisa Maliga... PIEDMONT WRITER
Over You by Lucy Diamond... SALLY CLEMENTS
The Dresskeeper by Mary Naylus... LUCIE WHEELER
The Hating Game (donated by Laura Howard)... SUSAN FIELDS
The Leopard (courtesy of Hilary Melton-Butcher)... ANDREW CULTURE
The Nanny Diaries, donated by Theresa Milstein... AMY SAIA
The Rage of the New Ancestor (ebook, donated by JC Martin)... THE RED ANGEL
The Way of the Wizard:by Deepak Chopra (donated by Hilary)... ANITA DAVISON
This Perfect World (courtesy of Sangu)... PAM READER
Through the Eyes of a Hurricane, by Tracy A Spaine... SAUMYA
Wasted by Nicola Morgan... KATE JOHNSON
Without Alice by DJ Kirkby... JESSICA BELL
Without Alice by DJ Kirkby... KAREN GOWEN

Hope I haven't missed anyone! Thank you to everyone who donated books -- I heart you! Have a great weekend, everyone.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Big Book Giveaway: Day 4!

Thank you for all the comments yesterday! Every one was like a cupcake to my mouth. And speaking of cupcakes, my afternoon yesterday didn't exactly turn out as planned. I'd decided to take the afternoon off, trip down to nearby Portobello Road to Hummingbird (best cupcakes ever), stop off for champagne (at Tesco's, natch), then return to my warm cozy flat for an afternoon of napping and reading (and property shows).

I generally only care about the bit of me people can see. So when I threw on my trusty black Zara coat, I didn't bother changing out of my slobby sweatshirt -- or put on a bra. Ahem. With my black boots, a little lippy and skinny jeans, I was looking pretty damn good, if I did say so myself. I bought the cupcakes, got the champers, and was all set to settle on when... my key didn't work in the door. We'd been having some issues with our deadbolt, and it finally decided to give up the ghost, locking from the inside and refusing to open. I was locked out -- without a mobile, without a bra and without a telly! This is when Mr TR's constant admonishment that I should take my mobile with me wherever I went started ringing in my ears. Sigh.

So, after calling him and leaving a voice mail from my lovely downstairs neighbours, I did what any girl would do: I went shopping and eating! I'm sure the patrons of M&S were wondering why I was hunched over the table sweating in my black coat, but there was no way I was exposing what was underneath. Three hours, £120 and one locksmith later, and we were finally back in the flat. And you'll be happy to hear I did put on a bra.

So now that that's out of the way, here are today's winners! If you are are winner or a donor, I will be in touch (if I can find your email) over the weekend to try to get addresses and such.

50 Ways to Find Lover, by Lucy-Anne Holmes goes to DEBS RICCIO!

From Notting Hill... with Love Actually goes to CORPORATE GIRL!

Circle of Friends, Book V: Heather, by L. Diane Wolfe goes to ALEXANDRA SHOSTAK!

Notes from Nadir, by Lisa Maliga goes to PIEDMONT WRITER!

Hands on the Hips, by Jhon Baker goes to MATT RUSH!

Follow the Cowherd Boy, by J.A. Joshi goes to MICHAEL

A Heart to Mend, by Myne Whitman goes to JEN DAIKER!

Through the Eyes of a Hurricane, by Tracy A Spaine goes to SAUMYA

The Nanny Diaries, donated by Theresa Milstein goes to AMY SAIA!

Be Careful What You Wish For, by Alexandra Potter, donated by Len goes to JUDE FROM MAD ABOUT ROMANCE

More books to give away tomorrow! Happy Thursday, everyone.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Publication Day! And the Oscar Speech

Wooo! It's finally here! I've eaten eight Ferrero Rocher chocolates in one minute!

Before I calm down enough to deliver anything coherent, can I direct you to some places where I'm at today? At Sia McKye's, I'm talking how how to stay fit without leaving the flat. 'Coz who needs the great outdoors, anyway?

At the Minxes of Romances (these gals rawk!), I'm discussing romance and answering other fun questions.

On Chick Lit Reviews, I talk about how I came up with the concept for The Hating Game and how I celebrated when I found out I was going to be published. (I'll give you a hint: it begins with 'w'.)

And at Mel Sherratt's wonderful High Heels and Book Deals, there's the chance to win a copy of The Hating Game (UK only, sorry, but everyone who follows my blog is in the draw to win copies of my novel over the course of this week). All you need to do is answer one teeny question! Hehe! Pop over to have a look.

So on to the Oscar speech!

As isolating as writing can be, zillions of people have helped me out with this novel! It goes without saying that I never would have done this without Mr TR. Or, I would have done it, but it would have taken me much much longer! And a big thank you to my wonderful parents and friends who never once told me I was naive or silly (or just plain dumb) to give up a full-time PAYING job to try to get published.

I want to do a giant shout-out to India Drummond (her novel, Ordinary Angels, is out in April!). India and I "met" through my now-defunct blog a few years ago. She's read stuff of mine that will never see the light of day, offered fantastic suggestions, and just provided me with the general snark needed to make it through the publication maze. Although we've never met in real life, our lengthy telephone conversations are invaluable to my writerly well-being. Thank you, Snark Sister!

Lots of other writers helped, too, and I want to say thanks to Gemma Burgess, Colette Caddle and Miranda Dickinson who all read my ARC and gave me a massive boost of confidence when I was about to vom with pre-release nerves.

And finally (yes, finally!) -- YOU! For reading, interacting, supporting... just generally being the greatest and fantastic-ist group of people ever! You've made my release so much more special than it ever could have been.


*wipes tear*

Right, now on to today's giveaway!

The Hating Game (donated by Laura Howard) goes to... SUSAN FIELDS!
*Which is amazing, since Susan was my very first blog follower when I started this blog! Yay Susan!

Wasted by Nicola Morgan goes to... KATE JOHNSON

The Dresskeeper by Mary Naylus goes to... LUCIE WHEELER

Without Alice by DJ Kirkby goes to... JESSICA BALL

Like Bees to Honey (swapped from yesterday with Jess, who already won a copy) goes to... JILL KEMERER

From Notting Hill with Love... Actually by Ali McNamara goes to... DEBS RICCIO

Naked in Knightsbridge by Nicky Schmidt goes to... KATIE WORKMAN

Congrats, everyone. And thank you, again!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Day 2 of The Big Book Giveaway!

Books! Books! Boooookkkkks!

Just a little bit excited over here -- the sun is shining, spring has sprung (along with my hayfever, which I never actually experienced in North America but seems to be coming along nicely here in the UK) and there remains ONE MORE DAY before the launch of The Hating Game!

Would you like to win a signed copy? Head over to the wonderful blogorama of Sangu Mandanna and comment to be in with a chance. And at Catherine, Caffeinated, I'm talking about how social media can sell books. Because it can, it can! And yesterday, I got a lovely review from Chick Lit Reviews -- a fantastic way to kick off my launch week.

Now, on to today's winners! Five books to given away today:

The Way of the Wizard: 20 Spiritual Lessons for Getting the Life You Want by Deepak Chopra (donated by Hilary Melton-Butcher) goes to ANITA DAVISON!

The Rage of the New Ancestor (ebook, donated by JC Martin) goes to THE RED ANGEL!

Breakthough by Stephen Tremp goes to LEIGH MOORE!

Over You by Lucy Diamond goes to SALLY CLEMENTS!

Like Bees to Honey by Caroline Smailes goes to JESSICA BELL!

Congrats, winners! Please email me with your address (talliroland AT Hope you can all drop by tomorrow for the launch day, when yet more books will be given away (including The Hating Game!) and I'll be serving up lots of goodies!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Day 1 of the Big Book Giveaway!

It's here! This is my publication party week, to celebrate the launch of The Hating Game paperback on Wednesday! I'll be giving away 34 books over the week to say thanks for all the wonderful support I've received over the past few months.

A big thank you to JC Martin, who's donated two copies of The Rage of a New Ancestor ebook, and to Sangu Mandanna, who's donated a copy of This Perfect World by Suzanne Bugler.

Today, I'll be kicking this off by giving away six books! All you need to do to be in the draw for the remaining books this week is just follow my blog or comment on Facebook on my blog link.

So here we go!

Without Alice by DJ Kirkby goes to... KAREN GOWEN!

Breakthrough by Stephen Tremp goes to... NAS DEAN!

This Perfect World goes to... PAM READER!

Choice of a Marian Keyes book (courtesy of Jessica Bell) goes to... SUSAN MILLS!

The Leopard (courtesy of Hilary Melton-Butcher) goes to... ANDREW CULTURE!

E2 by Matt goes to... GODDESS OF BLAH!

Yay! If you could all email your address or email (in the case of ebooks) to me (talliroland AT, I will make sure your prizes get sent out. Congrats to the winners!

A few people outside of the UK have asked where they can buy my book, since my publisher doesn't have a distributor in Canada or the US (so it won't be in the shops). It will be available on and eventually, but for now the best place to get it from is The Book Depository, with free worldwide delivery.

Drop by tomorrow when I'll be giving away another crop of books! I'll also be on Catherine Ryan Howard's blog as well as Sangu Mandanna's (where she'll be giving away a signed copy of The Hating Game, too!).

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Friday Fun!

Next week, starting Monday, I'll be giving away books books books for five days to celebrate the launch of The Hating Game paperback on March 9.

All you need to do is be a follower here, or comment on any blogpost link on Facebook next week! Simple. I just really want to say thank you to everyone in the blogosphere, Twitter, Facebook and beyond who has helped The Hating Game so far. There will also be virtual champers and one of my favourite treats each day.

And more lovely people have donated books!

Stephen Tremp has donated two e-books of the wonderful Breakthrough.

Catherine Ryan Howard has donated a copy of her fantastic auto-biographical account of her time in Disney-laden Orlando, Mousetrapped.

Laura Howard has donated a copy of The Hating Game! Yay!

Jessica Bell has donated two copies of lightly used Marian Keyes books - winner gets to choose!

Hilary Melton-Butcher has donated The Leopard by Giuseppe Tomasi and The Way of the Wizard: 20 Spiritual Lessons for Getting the Life You Want by Deepak Chopra.

DJ Kirkby has donated another copy of Without Alice!

And here is the rest of the list of books up for giveaway next week; thanks LOADS to everyone who donated!

The Dating Detox, by Gemma Burgess
eSquared, by Matt Beaumont
Over You, by Lucy Diamond
Like Bees to Honey, by Caroline Smailes
Wasted, by Nicola Morgan
The Dresskeeper, by Mary Naylus
Without Alice, by DJ Kirkby
From Notting Hill with Love... Actually, by Ali McNamara
Naked in Knightsbridge, by Nicky Schmidt
50 Ways to Find Lover, by Lucy-Anne Holmes
Circle of Friends, Book V: Heather, by L. Diane Wolfe.
Notes from Nadir, by Lisa Maliga
Hands on the Hips, by Jhon Baker
Follow the Cowherd Boy, by J.A. Joshi
A Heart to Mend, by Myne Whitman
Through the Eyes of a Hurricane, by Tracy A Spaine, by Tracy
The Nanny Diaries, donated by Theresa Milstein
Be Careful What You Wish For, by Alexandra Potter, donated by Len
Brilliant, by Rachel Howard, donated by Jennifer Hoffine
Love in the Present Tense, by Catherine Ryan Hyde, donated by Corinne
The O Henry Prize Short Stories, donated by Ann Ormond
TBD, donated by Deniz Bevan
Jen Daiker has donated a copy of The Hating Game!

Before I go, a big shout-out to Ann of Inkpots 'n Quills, who is holding a 300 followers contest and giving away copies of my book! Head over to check it out, and have a great weekend.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

World Book Day!

I'm back, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! I have not fallen off my chair today, nor flashed any builders, and the ick seems to have left the building. It's all up from here, baby!

Anyway, it's hard to be down on a day that celebrates books! Today is World Book Day (in the UK, at least, which seems to defeat the purpose of the word 'world', but I digress...).

I do love me some book. And I'd like to know:

If you could give any book, ever published, to your 13-year-old self, what would it be?

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Sick from the Ick

On a day when I've got the ick from a sickly Mr TR, fallen off my chair (due only to a mixture of clumsiness and laziness), and flashed the builders (you're better off not knowing, believe me), I think it's only right that I ease away from the keyboard and hibernate in my 'don't come near me' cave.

So I'm off.

But before I go, thank you for the lovely comments yesterday! It's one more week until release day! And for those of you who've entered my Name That Character contest (too lazy to insert link), I haven't forgot. I've just been, well... (insert word of choice here).

Oh! And Trashionista is holding a giveaway of The Hating Game (UK only, sorry!). Head over for the chance to win your copy.

Goodbye until tomorrow, when I shall return bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Or, at least, return.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

My Pretties *insert cackle*

It's a bit of a sick day here chez Roland,with Mr TR down for the count and me feeling a bit under the weather (which, by the way, seems endlessly grey and drizzly these days). But... look what came by courier today to cheer me up!

Aren't they pretty? What's cheering you up today?
Oh, the lovely Lucie Wheeler (who is getting married soon!) interviewed me on her blog today! Lucie's super nice and even if you don't have a chance to read my rambles, pop over to say hi if you can.