Friday, September 12, 2014

Holidays, Festivals and Bargains

Who can't love a title like that?

We are back after a lovely sun-drenched two weeks in Nova Scotia, Canada. While things could have gone smoother on the toddler-adjusting-to-jetlag front, the days were filled with swimming in lakes and oceans, along with frolicking in the back garden with a hose (hours of fun, I tell you). Mr TR fell in love with the barbecue -- I honestly don't think I've ever eaten so much meat in my life! We had a great time visiting with my mother and father, as well as a quick trip to Prince Edward Island to see my grandmother, as well as my aunt and uncle.

Toddler TR enjoying the Atlantic. 

The red banks of Prince Edward Island.

Scallops, shrimp and clam barbecue extravaganza.

The naked gardener. 

Ferrying across the harbour to Halifax. 

It's been a long week settling back into routine (or trying to, anyway), and this weekend I'm off to the unromantic-sounding Leighton Buzzard for the Festival of Romance! I'm looking forward to catching up with my fellow writers, as well as maybe getting a good night's sleep? It's been so long . . .

And in other news, if you're in the States, my novel THE NO-KIDS CLUB is on sale all September for 1.99. Hop on over!

Hope everyone has had a great summer. See you next week!