Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ten for Tuesday: Mr Talli Roland

Since I enjoy snooping and stalking, I also love getting glimpses into people's private lives. So today, I offer you ten things about Mr Talli Roland. Mr Talli Roland would probably die if he knew I was doing this -- thankfully, he does not nor hopefully ever will read this blog. Or my Facebook page. Or Twitter.

Let the games begin!

1. Mr Talli Roland was born in Algeria to Egyptian parents, then moved to Egypt when he was young. He worked in Saudi Arabia for a year or so, nearly getting his head chopped off due to his atheistic beliefs (slight exaggeration, but he did flee the country in a rather unorthodox way). When he was in his early thirties, he moved to England.

2. Mr TR is a medical doctor but during his early practice, he attended the National Film School in Cairo, where he learned to be a film director.

3. Mr TR is a killer cook and can make roast chicken, dolma, and coconut cookies to rival anyone, even his Mama (but don't tell her I said so). He is also an extremely prolific rice cooker and is well known for his 'mountain of rice'.

4. Mr TR wrote and directed a 90-minute feature film called Anaphylaxis recently at the legendary Ealing Studios. The film was shot entirely on green screen and Mr TR painstakingly taught himself special effects and recreated sets. Yes, it took years. Mr TR now has a bad hip from sitting in one chair for so long.

5. Mr TR cannot stand an empty glass sitting on any surface for longer than ten seconds once it touches said surface.

6. Mr TR has also studied philosophy, has met the Queen, and has a brother who is a judge in the Supreme Court of Egypt.

7. Mr TR is a crazy driver. I shut my eyes and hope for the best.

8. Mr TR has a very lovely 17-year-old daughter who is super clever and recently got all manner of A's and A*'s on her GCSEs.

9. Despite having English as his second language, Mr TR thinks his English is better than mine. Mr TR is wrong.

10. Mr TR is the one who encouraged me to think seriously about my writing and the one who kicks me in the butt when I need it!

And finally...

I love Mr TR.

So there you have it! Ten things you never wanted nor needed to know about my husband!

Anyone care to share about their partner?


  1. Mr. TR sounds like a very fascinating person. How lucky you are to have him in your life.

  2. He sounds like such an interesting bloke. But what I really want to know is, does he like cupcakes?

  3. ha! this is great. Sounds like we have very similar husbands (well partners) actually ... hmmm :o)

    Mine is Greek

    He studied physics, but became a music events manager

    Mine cannot stand mess of any sort either, yet refuses to do anything about it himself

    Mine has reletives in Bali. They own the first ever chain variety store and are billionaires. He has no contact with them - so no, he won't inherit anything :o(

    Mine is a crazy driver to and yes I do hopw for the best, but often loose my temper and yell and make him drive worse.

    Mine's second language is also English.

    And yes, I love mine too :o)

  4. What a super special shout out to Mr. TR! I loved it!!!! I can tell you love Mr. TR and he definitely sounds like he's had quite the life, which I think is amazing! Can't wait to come over for this mountain of rice :)

    My hubby is fantastic!

    He is passionate in everything he does.

    A bit of an overachiever, working full time and attending school full time to gain a degree!

    He grew up in a town totaling 190 people.

    Married me and moved 1000 miles away from his family out of love.

    He's the love of my life.

  5. Angela - I am lucky to have him in my life, for sure (except the empty glass thing, hehe!).

    Ellen - Mr TR has a worse sweet tooth than me! Seriously! he MUST have dessert after every meal or he gets very stressy indeed.

    Jen and Jess - you two have made me feel all emotional and smushy now! We are all lucky.

  6. Mr. Verant, my Frog, would kill me if I listed ten things about him! He actually checks my blog out...

    But I do love learning more about you!

  7. What a lovely ode to your man. He sounds intriguing; no wonder you fell for him. xx

  8. Fascinating! It's amazing, finding out about other people's other halves. Gives all manner of insights. For what it's worth, here are some of my DH's particulars;

    1) He's 20 years younger than me.
    2) He's Scottish, from a small town no-one's ever heard of, which is very lovely and picturesque but he hates it.
    3) He has the most wonderful accent (possibly associated with 2. above.
    4) He writes wonderful stories that he never finishes.
    5) He's training to be a maths teacher - and tries out some of his teaching methods on me. Unsuccessfully, I'm still a maths dunce.

  9. What a lovely sneak peek! All you had to tell me was that he supports you in your writing and I thought he was a grand guy! <3

  10. Jane! I want your husband - I'd love to hear a Scottish accent on a daily basis! :)

    Yes, mine has an accent too, but it sounds sort of French mixed with British mixed with North American (thanks to me, hehe!). Just... strange.

  11. Mara - he is so, super supportive. I couldn't ask for more!

  12. Great list. Thanks for sharing. Have a most enjoyable writing day.


  13. What a fun post! I also close my eyes and hope for the best when my hubby drives. One thing I've recently discovered about him: I love how he loves all over the dog when he thinks no one's watching. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Oh this is lovely! I'm the same when it comes to being nosy - I love hearing more about writers and bloggers (...and their other halves, apparently) so yay for this post. Mr TR sounds a little bit awesome, especially the curries!x

  15. I think I love MrTR too. You're so lucky, and you deserve it.

  16. I think all wives think their husbands are crazy drivers. No, we just move with a purpose!

  17. Wow, what a guy! I clicked the film link and am totally intrigued by that story concept.

  18. Mr. TR sounds like a very interesting guy, and very loved, and very handsome to top all that! I could tell from past entires how much you love him. That's a wonderful thing!

  19. Hubby is a computer geek which means he can make anything with software do all sorts of cool things I didn't know was possible.

    Hubby makes awesome omelette

    Hubby restored my faith in humanity. You have him to thank for the fact I stopped planning the destruction ofr the universe.

    Hubby doesn't like kids, except for the Little Dude. The Little Dude is the centre of his world.

    The centre of the Little Dude's world is biscuits, but Daddy comes a close second.

    Hubby is a biker, but sold it when i got pregnant and never, ever, complains about missing it even though I know he does.

    Hubby is reserved and sometimes standoffish. This is because he is terrified of small talk and is desperately trying to think of something to say.

    It was hubby that encouraged me to start writing again, and picks me up whenever I'm having a "hack" day.

    I love hubby. He is the awesomest.

    I would very muchy like to meet you and Mr Talli one day :-)

  20. Hi,

    He's yours: that's what's important! ;)


  21. Wow. He sounds so exotic! And awesome.

    How very sneaky of you Talli!

  22. What an absolutely lovely post! What a shame he won't see it!

  23. Awwwwwwww...that is so sweet! Your post (and another I read today) gave me an idea for a Blogfest. THE SIGNIFICANT OTHER BLOGFEST. It would be a day where we each have our significant others write something (about what its like to put up with a writer) and post it on our blogs. What do you think?

  24. Coconut cookies...mmm nom nom nom...you should have a giveaway. Giving away the cookies of course, not Mr. TR because that would be weird. :D

  25. So that is the man that keeps you sane? I bet he is super proud of you right now.
    Do you get to listen to Algerian music? I love algerian music.

  26. I'm sure Mr TR apprecaites all your comments in absentia. :) I will accept all compliments on his behalf!

    Gemma - Ahhhh! I love what you've written about your other half! And to give up his motorbike... wow.

    Alex - moving with purpose? Seriously, go to Cairo, mate, and then you will see how Mr TR drives! CRAZY.

    Joanna - sane is a relative term. I like to think we inspire mutual insanity.

    DL - Have emailed you. Great idea!

  27. I love learning about other people’s personal lives. And coconut cookies. . . Send them here for me.

  28. This is a sweet, sweet post! :) Thanks for sharing Mr. TR with us... it's so cool that he has met the Queen!



  29. What a fun picture! Mr TR sounds fascinating. I too think it is a shame he will never see it. My fantastical mate (the FM) is physically incapable of putting anything into the dishwasher; the FM cannot even look at leftovers until they are warmed up (he has issues with cold food); the FM loves to eat Minty food while drinking rootbeer or cherry flavored sodapop; and the FM has a very firm belief that he never snores. My favorite tidbit is that the FM loves our dog Dakota, if given the chance he would buy her all manner of things and stuff her with treats, despite his insistence that she is "just a dog. "

  30. *sigh* Mr. TR sounds lovely!

  31. This was fun getting to know your husband. Mr. TR sounds great. And who doesn't love a great cook?

  32. Very cool facts. Meeting the queen isn't too shabby. And writers need supportive spouses, so how great he keeps you going.

    Fact about my husband? He falls asleep on the couch and then denies it.

  33. Your husband sounds like an artist too, how nice to have a soul mate on the same level as you. And one who cooks, no less!

  34. #7 LOL! So cool he met the Queen. Your hubby sounds like a fascinating man!

  35. Oh, Talli, that's so sweet of you. I can see you are so proud of Mr TR! What a very supportive husband you've got.

    Facts about my husband? He's kind-hearted but he doesn't know he is. He loves chocolates that I've got to hide them so that he won't eat all of them in one go. He goes out and drives 15 miles to get me a chocolate cake when I crave for one even if it's midnight!

    And I love him, too! :)

    Thanks for sharing things about Mr TR with us, Talli! :)

  36. Wow. He has had an incredible life, it sounds like! He sounds awesome!

  37. Oooh, I loved learning more about the fascinating Mr. TR!

    I feel like I talk about Michael all the time, but here are few tidbits:

    1. He earned an art scholarship for school, but ended up majoring in computer science with a minor in art. His brain is a wonderful blend of art and logic

    2. He is a little less adventurous than I am, but he's always willing to try new things with me (i.e. travel, new restaurants)

    3. He doesn't watch sports. He would rather play. (He's very athletic.)

    4. He loves wine as much as I do

    5. He regularly brings me flowers and little tokens, just because. Even after 5 years together.

    6. He's the only person I am comfortable singing in front of

    7. He encourages me to write and is my biggest fan.

    8. We were friends before we fell in love. He patiently waited for several years for me to fall in love with him.

    9. My life would be incomplete without him

    Wow, I didn't mean to write that much. See what happens when I start talking about him? /blush

  38. How sweet of you to share insights into your hubby today! Let's see... hubby has had the same haircut for at least the past 8 years, he loves sports, he's left-handed, he's a great cook.

  39. Very cool post! He sounds like a grand fella!

    I like his notion of not leaving glasses standing about...

  40. Talli, a doctor and a film director, could he not try a bit harder?
    Seriously, he sounds like a great guy and he cooks!!
    I hope he gets to read your post today.

  41. Mr. Talli Roland sounds like an interesting person!

    Thanks for sharing. It was great learning more about you. And him. :)

  42. He sounds like a stand-up gentleman, Talli. I hope he knows how lucky he is to have Mrs. TR. :)

  43. Aww love it! My hubby guest blogged for me today. It's just one if those days I guess. :)

  44. I'm loving #9!

    You clearly make a lovely couple ;)

  45. Awww *grin* so sweet, he really couldn't scold you if he did read *hee*

    The Arrival, Book one of the BirthRight Trilogy, on Amazon 1.1.2011

  46. I loved this! Thanks for sharing a little insight into Mr. TR. I'll bet if he did read the post, he'd be quite pleased.

  47. Great insight Talli but hope for your sake he really does not read your blog! Have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to continuing to follow your blog in 2011.

  48. Do you dare show him this post?
    My husband is Mr Saftey and Regulation. And pretty darn cool sometimes!

  49. How fun! I especially love #10. He sounds like a very special guy!

  50. What a fascinating man! To be a doctor & a director is awesome. He seems very driven & I have a feeling he's very supportive of you & your writing career.

    Not only his he very handsome, but if he makes coconut cookies then would he be so kind as to share his recipe?

  51. yay! I love hearing all this. And especially since I actually saw Mr. TR at the airport. He is a very handsome guy too! Nice, handsome and cooks - hey sounds like my SP (sweet patootie). We're so lucky.

  52. It is a very interesting post. I suggest that you just blog once a week about Mr TR :)

  53. Oh this was great, Talli! I love this little peep into your life! (and Mr. Tart doesn't read my blog either--the only way I can get away with sharing all I do)

  54. She is all I ever wanted and needed.

  55. Aw, so cool to learn more about your private life. Mr TR sounds all kinds of awesome. Glad you have each other. :)

  56. Mr TR sounds ever so exciting!!!! Awwwww!!! What a man to come home too!!! Awwwwwww!!!!!!


    :-) Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

    Take care

  57. Sneaky, sneaky. Something tells me your husband wouldn't really mind if he read all this, though. Sounds like quite the character.

  58. Talli - I could never pull something like that off. Mrs. Neeb happens to be one of the trillions of avid Ducks readers!

    Very cool idea for a Ten for Tuesday!! :)

    Unrelated side note: My word verification word today is "halli," which is obviously close to Talli. I'm sure there is some deeper meaning here, but don't know what it could be...

  59. Forgot to mention that Mrs. N is extremely private -- much like I am in real life, I suppose -- and would kill me -- not literally (probably) -- if I put the spotlight on her.


  60. Thanks for introducing us to Mr Talli Roland. He sounds lovely! My favourite part: Mountain of Rice. (My future husband must possess this skill! lol)

  61. Lovely to know about your husband.
    He sounds a great person.

    Good luck with your book.

  62. Wow, he sounds like such a well traveled and fascinating person. No wonder you love him. And it's great that he encourages you and supports you - but that makes perfect sense since he's a creative person too!

    Congrats on such a cool husband!


  63. Wow, he's pretty cool! How sneaky of you showing him off! #9 made me laugh. :)

  64. Awww what a good post. Nice to learn about your hubby! Making good rice can be tough. That all by itself makes him a keeper! :P Oh, PS, thanks for your comment on my Winnie the Pooh post. Would it not let you view it for some reason? It works on my computer. Hope I posted it right! If it wasn't working for some reason, here is the link if you ever want to watch it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=3k_cVLHEIDI

  65. Mr TR should do a guest post, methinks :) He sounds like an awesome guy. Any chance you can sneak a clip of his film up on here? ;)

  66. awww so sweet! I love hearing about significant others without them listening. Teehee! The Man occasionally reads mine so I'm very vague or he'll get cranky. He thinks he's a spy.

  67. Mr. TR sounds awesome!! :) You make a great team!

  68. Sounds like a great guy, and he can cook, too! How lucky for you! But, how can you be sure that he doesn't read your blog? :)

  69. Sounds like quite a guy. I've got a feeling you crazy kids just might make it.

  70. Mr. TR sounds interesting! It'd also be cool to watch his film. That's cool that he's met the Queen. If it were me I'm not sure what I'd say, because what do you say to royalty anyway?

  71. As you know I think Mr TR is one of the nicest people I have ever met, after my own Mr DK of course. Mr DK is also an extremely prolific rice cooker - what is it with our husbands and their insatiable urge to cook mountains of rice? As for Mr TR's driving...well it did get me to my book launch on time so I can't actually find any fault with it ;)

  72. My hubby's driving terrifies me too. He also hates a mess, is a killer cook, and thinks his English is better than mine (also wrong).

  73. This comment has been removed by the author.

  74. What a lovely insight to show everyone Talli. Thank you. He sounds like a gem to keep!

    (oops at deleting the last one- I wanted to email comments otherwise I will lose track of any blogs I've replied to)

  75. You forgot one other thing.
    Mr. TR is married to our own Talli Roland!

  76. He sounds a lovely fellow - good for you for snapping him up!

  77. Hi Talli .. he sounds wonderful .. and obviously one mega support - and what a brilliant mix the two of you are .. wonderful experiences from living in different countries.

    I love the storyline on the film - should be a great watch .. I'll ask our film society to put it on next year .. looks fascinating ..

    Two extra questions! Where did you meet .. and is Mr T still working in films ..

    Cheers .. and no-one down here .. so if he's free one weekend .. put him on a train!! Hilary

  78. What a fascinating and talented husband you have, Talli. Mr TR sounds so interesting.

  79. Hee hee - my DH would be the same way if I ever tried to do a post on him. You're so lucky he can make dolma! I just wait till my mother or grandmother makes it [g] Mmm... hungry for rice now...
    Love your Christmas tree, by the way!

  80. Its about time us hubbies begin to get our due for how wonderful we are. Seriously, you both sound like you are very fortunate to have found each other.

  81. Aww, that's lovely. I could do with a killer cook myself. Hope Mr TL will enjoy your very complimentary post!

    CJ xx

  82. Awww. He sounds delightful (minus the scary driver part).

    Yay for wonderful, supportive husbands. :) We're blessed.

  83. Awww Talli, that was a lovely post and very interesting. What a diverse man. I too want to know if he shares your passion of cupcakes.

  84. Bless. Mr. TR sounds wonderful, interesting, and exciting!

    Mr. SG (we're not actually married, but our surnames start with the same letter) is a posh Geordi.

    His step-mother was South African (which made for some interesting conversations. Try deciphering a Geordi and South African).

    He worked as a film projectionist in the 70s and 80s.

    He now works as a convenience store manager.

    He is obssessed with spaghetti westerns and film music.

    He's 18 years older than me.

    His great-grandmother was Indo-Chinese and five generations later (and despite no further imput of Chinese Genes) his grandchildren have a distinctive slant to the shape of their eyes.

  85. He sounds lovely, and I wish you both all the happiness I have with my husband. Thirty one years married and still best friends.

    Mine is an English Pharmacist, he is techno mad and loves rolo's, old Christmas movies and animals.


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