Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Ten for Tuesday: My Favourite Places

I'm leaving for my pilgrimage back home to Canada in just under ten days, and it's got me thinking about my favourite places.

1. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (pictured). It's where I grew up, with all the emotion that has attached to it. But more than that, it's a friendly, warm place with beautiful scenery and plenty of ocean. And some great dark rum.

2. Kensington Church Walk, London. A small walkway off of High Street Kensington where time seems to have stopped.

3. Rynek, Wroclaw, Poland. Beautifully fronted buildings, a City Hall right out of a fairy tale and lots and lots of cafes to people watch.

4. Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Great independent shops, buzzing restaurants and terraces.

5. Lopud, Croatia. A small island where cars aren't allowed and you have to walk over a hill on a small path through pines to get to the island's beach.

6. Rue Montorgueil, Paris, France. Wandering down this street, you won't know where to stop and eat first! Make sure you go on an empty stomach.

7. Old Town, Valencia, Spain. I couldn't find a link that does this one justice. Wandering around the maze of narrow streets and coming across old churches, fountains and courtyards... magical.

8. Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany. Formerly East Berlin, it's now uber-trendy and full of galleries... and yes, cafés (do you see a trend here?).

9. Eger, Hungary. A small, perfectly formed town about an hour from Budapest, Eger's known for its famous wine and has an area of small wine cellars where you can test the wines for hours on end. What's not to like?

10. Mala Fatra Mountains, Slovakia. A 10-hour hike through waterfalls and gorges convinced me that this mountain range is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. It's serious nature eye-candy.

What are your favourite places?

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  1. oh my God, this Kensington Church Walk is probably my favourite place in London (okay, second fav, after Primrose Hill)...and, I have to admit that I discovered it by a complete and total accident. I was shopping there at Kensington High Street (or however that's called, I don't remember) and then I sort of wondered into this small alley and - there it was. It's amazing place! And, haha, Rynek in Wrocław? I love it (I've got family in Wrocław, so I'm often there), but I still think that Kraków is SO SO SO much better :)

  2. I'm glad to see France is on the list, where eating can be quite dangerous. The Cheese! The bread! Having just moved to the Toulouse area, I have to say nearby Carcassonne, the fortified city,is pretty magical, especially at Christmas. However, my heart finds a quicker beat in Phuket, Thailand – the surrounding islands, Phang Na Bay, the beaches, the culture, the food, the smiling people. Wow!

  3. My grandfather's family was all from Nova Scotia (immigrated there from ireland). I've never been there though it looks beautiful! Enjoy yourself!

  4. Misery - I'm so lucky it's in my 'hood. I love it! And I must admit, as great as Krakow's rynek is, I like Wroclaw's better. :)

    Samantha - Funny, I was just talking to my hairdresser about Carcassonne last week! He was saying how gorgeous it is there.

    Creepy - NS is beautiful. You must visit! But in the summer, for sure.

  5. Wow, you are so lucky/blessed to have visited so many beautiful places!

    Besides my back yard, I'd have say there are a couple of beaches in the Virgin Islands that are my favorite places.

  6. I've never been to any of those places! Gosh, I need to get out more!

    My favorite place: Hawaii.

  7. I have a friend who's relatives live in Nova Scotia but I'm not sure which area. He loves it there and even though he also loves Northumberland, I think he will one day move to be with his family.

    CJ xx

  8. Vancouver, Lindos - most of Greece in fact, Devon in late spring with hedgerows full of foxgloves, my bed.

  9. I was born near Eger -- it's one of the most beautiful places in Europe, I think.

  10. OH MY GOD! My cousins grew up in Halifax too! You probably know them. Eeeek! (No, don't disillusion me.)

    My favourite places: Lancaster (up north in the UK, it's so beautiful), Bangalore (simply because I grew up there, but I wouldn't want to live there for long again), the riverside in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (spent four months there and loved it to bits)...

  11. Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh, Scotland (but not in July or August -- stay FAR AWAY in July or August). The castle brooding over the beautiful green lawn and rose bushes. Magical.

  12. Wow, I've not been to any of these places. You should write a book. "100 places to see before you die!"... oh wait. Well, you should write one anyway.


  13. Hi dolly! Please email me when you get to Halifax and we'll have chips on the wall - or a coffee at Annie's or?
    Ten fave places - 1. High Head, Prospect, Nova Scotia 2. The Dingle Peninsula, Ireland 3. St. John's, Newfoundland 4. Manitou Springs, Colorado 5. Brook Valley, Ontario 6. Northwest River, Labrador 7. Taos, New Mexico 8. Havana, Cuba 9. The Tower, London 10. Looe, Cornwall
    and I could easily go on and on...
    Jan Morrison

  14. Hubby and I have been trying to vacation to Halifax for a few years now. A good friend of mine lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick, so we were going to kill two birds with one stone. But alas. It hasn't happened yet.

    My favorite place is the mountain where my grandparents used to live. It's part of a national forest, and a huge river runs all through it. Real life magical fairytale stuff, that.

  15. Hmmm... mildly jealous!

    My absolutely favourite place is Scotland. Yes, I know it's a big place so it's kind of cheating, but it's just stunning - both green scenery and cities, alike.

    Glasgow is wonderful. Fab buildings and fab people. For a romantic hideaway, the Highlands are just divine ;0)

  16. Ok, I know no.2.


    Awwwww you're so off soon?? But they have internet connection in canada don't they?? LOL!! Of course they do!!!

    Thanks for these lovely snippets of places!!

    Take care

  17. You've gone to many places I'd like to visit. Do you have plans for another 24 Hours book? If so, where?

    I loved Paris, especially the gardens at the Louvre. I love Boston, especially the Beacon Street neighborhood. There are so many lovely towns in coastal Maine. I grew up in Northport Village in New York, and love going back. Lastly, I'd say Soho in Manhattan.

  18. I love all the places you picked in Canada, of course. And look forward to seeing the others one day. Hopefully Earl will be all cleaned up before your visit to Halifax!

  19. I feel as if I just returned from a wonderful trip. Thanks for the links and comments.

    I love the majesty and beauty of Lake Tahoe. And every single loud, grimy, raucous, stunning, magic thing about all five boroughs that make up New York City.

    And, of course, anything and everything about Texas.

    And any beach. Any time. Any where.

  20. I've always wanted to go to Nova Scotia since reading Anne of Green Gables (I was obsessed). Maybe someday I'll finally get to take a trip there. My favorite places are: anywhere in the Colorado mountains, the flint hills of Kansas, and anywhere around the Pacific Northwest.

  21. i love the north woods of Minnesota.
    Also, Venice was wonderful

  22. I've been to... well, of the places you listed, maybe the one in London. Not sure. Saw a lot of London!
    Albuquerque, NM is still a favorite of mine!

  23. My favorite place is my couch:)

  24. Dark rum, huh? *wink* I like your list and now I'm curious about the place in Poland! I'll add Venice adn Florence, Italy, and Sedona, Arizona!

  25. I'm loving reading all the favourite places here! I must say, I do like my couch too. :) And my bed.

    I have been lucky to travel a lot... and I love it!

    Theresa - next in line is 24 Hours New York. We're putting out Sydney as an e-book very soon!

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  27. You've been to so many amazing places!

    My favorite places are the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Disney World, and Waikiki Beach!

  28. Louisiana will be on your list as soon as you make a visit here. LOL.

    Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed Tasty Tuesday's recip. :)

  29. You've been some FABULOUS places! I think my favorite places are:

    Isla Mujeres (off the Yukatan in Mexico)
    Toledo, Spain
    Heidelberg, Germany
    The Columbia Gorge, Oregon, USA

  30. You have seen some amazing places! My rumbling tummy belongs in Paris right now:)

    Have a safe and happy return home!

  31. Hi Talli .. some wonderful places listed there - I'd love to visit them all .. been to Ken Church Street - oddly enough!

    Have been to some of the countries .. but not those places .. me I'd go back to southern Africa .. and Australia - I have yet to visit .. and lots around the world ..

    Enjoy the preparations for the trip home .. Hilary

  32. I've never visited any of your favourite places. My absolute favourite place is Blakeney in Norfolk UK. It's just a tiny creek with mud flats, birds and lots of sky. Perfect. Have a lovely time in Canada.

  33. What a great list! I love going to Colorado Springs, Colorado. I don't really have a favorite thing there, I just love it all.

  34. What a wonderful list. I bet you are counting the days and hours down!

  35. my favourite place right now is Monaco, the exotic gardens, the quirky artwork and the cathedral oohh and i got addicted to flashy italian cars in Monte Carlo

  36. Wow--you've been so many amazing places!!!!

    Let's see...my favorite places. I'd have to say Seaport Village, San Diego, because I love all the quirky shops and I crave the cookies and cream fudge from one of the little sweet shops there.

    I also love the Musee Rodin in Paris. Not only is the art amazing, but I love the building and the grounds and the view. Every time I go to Paris I insist on visiting.

    And--I know it's touristy--but I love the view from the top of the Duomo in Florence. I think it's 453 steps up claustrophobic stairways and you have to stand in line with a billion other tourists. But the view up there is worth every bit of it.

    Have a great rest of the day!

  37. Kensington Walk :) memories of being a newly wed.

    Fave places?

    My garden by the pool. Any beach in the world, I love the seaside.
    Any river or lake (we don't have them here because of drought conditions).

    Anywhere I can meet up with my children.

  38. I love Halifax - it's my birth place :)
    I also love Quadra Island, Duncan on Vancouver Island, Vancouver, Summerland, Penticton, Peachland, Banff, Gold River and Hope.

  39. I haven't been to most of those places! Jealous :)

  40. The Rynek at Wroclaw! Love it! Went up the cathedral tower last time we were there, which contributed to my vertigo a treat.

    One day I shall go to Canada, but for now my favourite place is probably up on the North Yorkshire moors near my home. Emptiness as far as the eye can see. Oh, well, apart from the sheep.

  41. I am loving reading through everyone's favourite places! I feel like it's a trip around the world and I'm happy so many people have heard of Halifax! :)

  42. I guess I've got a lot of traveling to do...

  43. You are one widely traveled girl! My favorite place is the Pacific Ocean, California beaches por favor, the Santa Cruz beach being a family favorite, but any of them work for me.

  44. When I worked somewhere awful in Kensington, that Church Walk and the peace and solitude of St Mary Abbots was my only bit of happiness. I used to sit there and wish I didn't have to go back. Luckily my wish came true after a couple of months. :)

  45. What I've got to keep it down to 10?
    Looking at your list and everyone's comments makes me realise how little I've travelled.
    Lucca in Tuscany for starters. Magnificent walled town, not totally overrun (well, not as much as other places in the region). And the surrounding countryside is fantastic, especially if you explore to the North.
    Lord's cricket ground (it's a cricket thing).
    Looking to your native Canada, Georgian Bay is special, though it's a long time since I went.
    I can't ignore Venice, in spite of the obvious reasons not to list it - still a magical place, and depending on the season there are some amazingly uncrowded bits if you walk just a couple of minutes from the beaten track.
    St Petersburg, especially looking at St Isaac's cathedral, but also dozens of little nooks and crannies.
    Any of the tables at St John restaurant in London.
    Kew Gardens.
    San Francisco.
    Devon. Not all of it, obviously, but too many bits to list here.
    Ooh and Cornwall.
    Borough Market in London if there aren't any people (I know, I know, but I can dream can't I?)
    Anywhere on the Thames at the end of a day's walking along the path, with a pint of beer or a good glass of wine.
    A small beach on the Isle of Wight that I'm not going to name because everyone will want to go there.
    My kitchen.
    I'll shut up now.

  46. Have fun on your trip home!

    My favorite places are all warm, which is why I live in Florida:)

  47. Hmm, some great places on your list. Now lets see for me...
    Paris. St Marks Square in Venice. Any art gallery in Paris, London or Italy that I've been in.

  48. You are quite the world traveler, aren't you? Last time I went to Halifax, I was nine, so I don't remember it too well.

  49. Lovely picture of your home town, I would say you are really looking forward to being home.
    I am happy anywhere there is a beach or a mountain, preferably as uninhabited as possible.

  50. Wow. I felt like I just got taken on a lovely little world tour this morning. Thanks!
    The only place I've been to on your list is Rue Montorgueil but my Aunt lived in Noca Scotia for a long time. My cousins are now scattered in Western Canada, through Yukon Territories and British Columbia.

  51. You're lucky to have visited so many beautiful places. I hope I can get to some of them one day.

    Yellowstone National Park is one of my favorite places. I hope to return there in the next few years.

  52. Great, great list. I love the rynek in Wroclaw. I'm particularly partial to Wawel Castle and the boardwalk along the Wisla in Krakow. Other list-toppers would include the Ramblas in Barcelona, Saguaro National Park outside of Tuscan, AZ, Yellowstone and the drive up the west side of Yellowstone on 191 to Boseman, MT. And downtown Chicago, especially along the lake. I love Chicago :)

  53. Hi Talli,
    Welcome back home! Never been to Nova Scotia :(
    I love Toronto and Montreal though.
    It would be unfair to mention only ten places. I have so many favorite places. To start off my list, Positano, Italy. I absolutely adore this little town in the Amalfi Coast. I love Madrid, I keep going back (six times already). I heart NYC! Who doesn't? D.C. is a strong contender. Perhaps I'm being biased because I lived there. It's not the same when you visit and when you live there. I can't leave out London ;)
    But honestly, I love little towns whether they're in bella Italia or dear USA. Small towns are just charming!

  54. Wow... you've been to so many wonderful places. So lucky!

  55. Wonderful list! All those countries are on my Places To Visit List. :]

    As much as I LOVE to travel and explore new places, I don't ever get the chance to. But I hope that will change next spring when I should be going on a Caribbean cruise, hopefully my first time overseas.

    My favorite place would have to be my hometown of San Antonio, Texas. Besides the fact that most of my family reside there, the scenery is gorgeous, the culture is an interesting mix of Old West and Latino, and there is an abundance of amazing Mexican food! My mouth waters at the thought.

  56. Rustington in Little Hampton is one of my favorites...The coast near my Dad's place in Cleadon is next best...then Costa Rica...anywhere in Costa Rica!

  57. Woman, you make me feel like a complete homebody. I've never been outside the U.S. Not even Canada or Mexico.

  58. Can I take a trip with you around town sometime!!? I would love to go on an adventure to places I've never been to!

    I'll return the favor! I promise!

  59. Congrats on 130 bloggers signing up! I'm sure you'll reach your goal soon.

    Wish I could revisit #2 as that's such a lovely area.

    #6 sounds like my kinda place!

    My fave L.A. hangout? Lake Shrine Temple in Pacific Palisades

    Really recommend it for any1 visiting or living in L.A. You don't have to be of any religion, it's just a peaceful 10 acre area about a mile from the ocean & it's so gorgeous.

  60. I only dream of going to those places! My favorite place is Scotland, and I haven't even been there yet! Booo!

  61. Yes, #4 is awesome. I've spent a lot of money on that street! lol
    My favourite places include: Prince Edward Island (still haven't made it Nova Scotia but it's on the list!) Puerto Vallerta, Mexico and London. There's a bench overlooking Westminster Bridge and, both times I've been to London, I just loved sitting there and watching the bridge. Weird, I know! :)
    Hope you have an amazing trip back home!

  62. 2, 6 and 8 sound like my kind of hangouts so i hope you truly enjoy your holiday darling. And bring us souvenirs when you get back xo

  63. hope you have a really wonderful time. I haven't been to Kensington Church Walk for over 30 years but it was lovely then!

  64. Wow! You are well traveled Talli, awesome.

  65. Love this post, Talli. I want to go to each of the places you mentioned. I hope to travel like that someday. I loved London when I lived there, and I had a great time in Scotland as well. Canada is gorgeous. Have a wonderful trip.

  66. I love kensington, v nice.

    I really liked the Spanish steps in Rome but my favourite place of all is Time Square NYC - the buzz day or night is amazing.

  67. I tend to gravitate to wide open spaces. The fewer the people, the better. As long as really great room service is close by. ;-)

  68. Woo hoo, Montreal! Shucks, though, if I was in the UK, I think I might have just listed 10 places there :-)

  69. ooo--great stuff here. I've always wanted to go to Valencia AND Canada (imagine that!). My college roommate went to Germany and LOVED it, so I can totally believe. And my husband went to Prague after it became part of the Czech republic so he got close, but no cigar... ;p He keeps talking about taking me back w/him, so if/when we go, perhaps we can jump over... ahhh, to be a travel writer~ ;o)


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