Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sweet Sunday: Cupcakes

Veering slightly away from the writing theme, every Sunday I shall wax rhetoric about one of my favourite sweets (because they are also an invaluable part of the writing process!).

London is experiencing a cupcake (or fairy cake, as they used to call them here) revolution. With two shops in striking distance, it's easy to fall prey to the lure of their wonderful spongy goodness.

Feeling stuck on how to move a character forward? Why not try a cupcake? the sugary little voice in my head bleats. And usually, I succumb. My favourite is Red Velvet, a vanilla sponge base dyed to a deep red colour topped with cream cheese frosting. Sometimes I also plump for double chocolate (chocolate base with chocolate frosting).

Thank you, cupcakes, for all you've done to help my writing!


  1. Coastal Essex has also gone bonkers for cupcakes.

    I must admit *quakes in her shoes* that I'm not a fan as I find them toooooooooo sweet. And that from a certified creme egg junkie.

    But I do have to cave in on the appearance front. They are the prettiest little creations!

  2. Whhhaaaaat? Kit, how can you like the tooth-aching sweetness of Easter Creme Eggs and not cupcakes? It beggars belief! :)

    They are sweet. Very sweet. It's why I love them so!

  3. Well, I hope you realize what you've done...I won't be able to get a lick of work done on anything today because I'll only be thinking of cupcakes!

  4. I love cupcakes and I feel the need to go in search of one or three. Red velvet sounds delicious. :)

  5. Sounds like the chocolate chip cookie craze that hit the U.S. some time ago. I just read Naked in Knightsbridge, have you read it? It's chick lit, set in London and so cute. The mc Jules is addicted to cupcakes and doughy donuts. I think I gained 5 lbs just reading that book.

  6. Who doesn't love a fantastic cupcake! I have a wonderful bakery nearby and one in downtown Houston that is the best! It makes the world better!!

  7. I love that you have cupcake shops. I may have to insist that trend starts here!

  8. Thank you all for chiming in on your shared love for cucpakes (except for Kit... boo!) :)

    I am lucky enough to live just feet from a cupcake store. It is sheers torture/ heaven. Jen, glad you have a bakery nearby to supply your cravings. Jemi, yes - you must start the trend!

  9. I don't know what it is about red velvet, but it sure is a temptation.


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