Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Shop a Block

First of all, a massive thanks to everyone who has been so kind to comment and follow my new blog! I offer you all a cupcake and your choice of coffee, tea or... um... tap water? Seriously, though, thank you.

While there are many, many good things about writing full-time, one of the not-so-good things is the lack of income. I'm hardly out on the street thanks to the generous support of my lovely hubby, but I still can't traipse off to the shops on a whim like I used to. (Well, I can still traipse, I just can't buy!).

What makes the whole thing even harder is that I live very close to one of the main shopping streets in London. I can't throw a stone without breaking a shop window or two (not that I've tried, of course).

Back in the days -- whether they were good or not is debatable, as I worked non-stop at a job I loathed -- I could buy that new jumper from TopShop and shoes to match from French Connection. Oh, new arrivals in Zara? No problem! And maybe some new MAC lipstick too. I was frivolous, yes, but boy was it fun.

Now, my shopping is largely limited to Primark where I can purchase a six-pack of socks for £1 and a sweatshirt for £3. Splurging is buying conditioner from Boots!

No, I may not be the fashion plate I used to be. Still, though, I wouldn't trade my life for anything!

(And there's always coffee and wine...)


  1. Best thing is that writers can stay in their pj's all day. So who needs clothes lol?

  2. Too right, Karen! Off with clothes! And on with pj's...

  3. I remember the days of shopping and lunch. I so miss them. And you live in London, I'm so jealous. Someday when I'm rich and famous (or win the lotto) I promised my Small One a trip to Europe, 6 months, all over. She thinks it's for her. I'll let her think that.

  4. Oh yes, I forgot about the lunches! Shopping and yummy lunch. Now I have toast!

    Come to London when you can... scones and clotted cream are the ideal post-shopping snack.

  5. PJs and coffee and not having to get up before dawn to go to work. It's all good. :)

  6. Who needs new clothes when you've got coffee, pj's, and all day to work on your manuscript?

  7. Thanks guys! I agree 100 per cent. Coffee and pyjamas cannot be beaten by any fashion trend!


Coffee and wine for all!