Sunday, March 07, 2010

Oh, the glamour!

One of the things I quickly learned about a writer's life is that it is nowhere near as glam as I imagined. I always pictured writers swanning about, laughing it up with all their writer mates, and watching the royalties roll in.

Instead, I spend my days wrapped up in a Primark robe to keep from freezing, watching the crazy people forage for food in the bin outside my window.

Of course, I'm not a published fiction writer (here's where the optimism kick in) -- yet. I'm sure once my words hit the printing press, my life will dramatically change. I won't snack on dried nuts left over from last Christmas. I'll swap my robe for cashmere -- or maybe even splurge and buy a space heater.

Until then, there's always wine coffee!


  1. Talli, I just read your profile description and think you may be my platonic soul mate, as long as you're waiting to have the wine until evening. If so, that sounds exactly like how I spend my days.

    If writing were glamorous, our stories would be much less interesting. Watching people rummage through bins while you write gives you more to write about. Good luck with your new blog and your writing.

  2. Thanks Theresa... my soul mate! :) Yes, I do (generally) wait to have wine until the evening, but now that the days are getting longer I sometimes find myself pouring a glass while it's still light -- which just feels wrong.

    And you're right. Struggle makes life -- and writing -- more interesting!

  3. It's working now :)

    I think most people would be surprised at how most writers live - not exactly the glamourous lifestyle they might expect :)

  4. Thanks for re-trying, Jemi! I appreciate it. I agree - whenever I tell people I'm a writer, an envious expression always slides over their faces as they rhapsodize about all the time I must have to be 'inspired'. Little do they know most of that time is spent looking out the window and/ or into the fridge in a desperate bid for storylines to gel.

  5. Hi Talli - I got to be your first follower! I've never had that honor before. I tried to leave a comment earlier, but I couldn't get it to work. Anyway, I love your coffee theme (I feel similarly, as I'm sure you noticed over at my blog), and good luck with your new blog!

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  7. Hi Talli,

    I look forward to following your writing journey! Best to you-- your blog looks like fun.


  8. I love your profile and share your sentiments. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. :) I'm over here following you now, too.

  9. Ditto ^above^... not that I'm not original or anything. Obviously :0/

    I try and make my beverage of choice, tea, however. But I'm with you on the wine.

    Thanks for following :0)

  10. Thanks everyone, for all your encouraging comments! It's so nice to be able to share the writing journey with a group of writers, even if it is via a blog. Thanks goodness for the Internet - it's *almost* as good as coffee!

    Kit, I do like the odd cup of tea but it just doesn't give me the pick-me-up I need in the morning. Earl Grey is my favourite!

    And thanks, Susan, for being my first follower! :) I'll have an extra sip of wine in your honour tonight.

    Looking forward to reading and sharing with all of you.


Coffee and wine for all!