Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ten for Tuesday: My Favourite Rom Coms

What's not to like about a rom-com film? It's funny; it's entertaining... and on top of it all, there's romance. Sigh!

So here are my favourites.

1. Love Actually (pictured). I could watch this over and over... and I have. With a stellar cast of actors all set against a backdrop of one of my favourite cities (London), it's a winner.

2. Bridget Jones's Diary. Hugh Grant, Colin Firth... need I say more?

3. Notting Hill. Funny, because I live close to Notting Hill, I sometimes run into tourists looking for 'Julia Roberts? Hugh Grant?', as one Spanish couple asked me. But proximity or not, it's a fantastic film.

4. Green Card. An oldie but goodie!

5. About a Boy. Yes, I know. Another Hugh Grant film!

6. Serendipity. Set in New York... a wonderful tale of fate and finding the right one.

7. Pretty Woman. Richard Gere! Yum (or at least, then).

8. The Wedding Singer.

And now I'm bored, so I'm stopping! Really, I could on, but I'll spare you.

What's your favourite rom-com film?


  1. Great list but you're missing my all-time favourite, Moonstruck. It's set in New York, centres around an Italian-American family, has (Italian) opera in it, brilliant characters and some hysterical lines. I especially love the Grandfather - he's the real star, give me him over Nicholas Cage any day!

  2. Talli, I am so happy to say that I have never seen a single one of those movies...

    Okay, maybe I've seen a few of them (please don't tell my friends)

    Alright already! Get off my back! I've seen them all! Do I have to turn in my "guy" card now?

  3. I LOVE Knotting Hill!!! I'd have to say my favorite is probably the Notebook, though.

  4. Wait, that wasn't a comedy. Ha. Then I'd go with pretty much all of yours.

  5. Pretty Woman is one of my daughter's and my all-time favorites! I also really like About A Boy.

  6. I just watched Love Actually for the first time the other day. :)

    My favorite rom-com is While You Were Sleeping (and my 2nd and 3rd favorites are also by Sandra Bullock :)). I'm looking forward to watching Serendipity, though!

  7. I love Love Actually! A total fav of mine :)


  8. Tourist looking for Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant? That's sweet! I like all you mentioned but especially About A Boy partly due to being a Nick Hornby fan. And Serendipity. I'd like to live that story!

  9. Thank you Talli for becoming a follower of my blog. I am truly honored. God bless.

  10. Kath, I've not heard of Moonstruck!

    Pat, yes. Turn in your man badge here and now. :)

    'About a Boy' seems to be striking a chord! It is a great film. I love Nick Horny, too. Oh, I forgot to add 'High Fidelity' on my list!

  11. Love Actually is one of my faves. It also is at the top of my favorite Christmas/holiday movies.

    My favorite, though, is Matchmaker. '90's movie with Janine Garafolo that takes place in rural Ireland during an annual matchmaking festival. :)

  12. Love Actually is one of the best. The segment with Colin Firth could have easily been it's own movie and I would have been happy.

    I can quote most of Notting Hill Cold. Sad but true.

  13. I'm not a great film buff or a particular rom-com fan, so the only one of those I've seen is Bridget Jones's Diary and that was pretty much by accident. I loved The Holiday with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. If Sliding Doors is a rom-com, I liked that too; also Four Weddings And A Funeral (not sure about that one either).

    'Nick Horny' has just become one of my top three favourite typos of all time. (Bet he doesn't think it's funny, though.)

  14. Fabulous list of movies. It's like you were reading my mind. Although there are a few that I think should make the cut:

    Down With Love - Aah Ewan McGregor!
    Somethings Gotta Give - the movie that made me fall in love with Keanu Reeves all over again.
    The Wedding Planner
    The Wedding Singer
    50 First Dates

    Oh geeze, there are too many. How did you ever narrow it down?!

  15. Queenie - Hahahaha! I just noticed I wrote 'Nick Horny'. Aka Nik Hornby! Wine and blogging...

    And yes, I like 'Sliding Doors' too.

  16. I've seen most of them. I'd select When Harry Met Sally and Doc Hollywood. The girl in that last one reminds me of my wife.

  17. Great list. You don't often see Green Card mentioned, which is a shame. I cry with laughter every time I watch the piano scene!

  18. I like bride and Prejudice I have watched it countless times and I travel with it sometimes.

  19. Oh I remember seeing Green Card with a friend years ago - loved it!

    A more recent favourite is Definitely Maybe with Ryan Reynolds and Isla Fisher. Gave me a nice warm glow.

  20. Pretty Woman and You've Got Mail definitely both top off my favorite romantic comedies! :) Those two are classic.



  21. Ooh, I like most of those on your list. One of my favourites, and so cheesy 1980s, is Mannequin. :)

  22. Oh, I love Sliding Doors and Pretty In Pink. That really dates me but oh well.


  23. I like Serendipity, and would add You've Got Mail to the list :)

  24. In the vein of fine films like The Wedding Singer, I can't help but love 50 First Dates. I just adore the premise.

    I also like Forget Paris, with Billy Crystal and Debra Winger (yes, very romantic cast, I know) because of the way the story is told, and just how realistic it is. Fun post!

  25. I loved Green Card!!! And watched Four Weddings and a Funeral at least 100 and 12 thousand times.

    Would Hannah and Her Sisters be classed as romcom?!?! Sense and Sensibility!! Oh come on! that is sooooo romcom!! LOL!! Moonstruck!
    The truth about cats and dogs?

    Oh I'm getting bored too and want chocolate! LOL! Take care

  26. I love your list!!! I've seen them all and love each one of them! My favourite is 'Kate and Leopold' which starred Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman...I don't mind watching it over and over again! :)

  27. I love "Pretty Woman" and "Notting Hill"! I don't know if I have a favorite. I do love "You've Got Mail" though! Really, any rom com with Julia Roberts, Meg Ryan, and Tom Hanks is fantastic!

  28. Good list, Talli. I liked Bridget Jones but the sequel reminded me of a more cheerful, quirky Brokedown Palace in some parts. Also liked While You Were Sleeping & Muriel's Wedding.

    You should check out Moonstruck--an 80s romantic comedy but Nicholas Cage looked really hot back then.

    Pretty Woman is a classic but then I watch just about anything w/ Richard Gere in it.

  29. I lvoe the 'Ten for Tuesday' idea!

    I usually can't stand rom-coms but admittedly I LOVE the Bridget Jones movies. They're fantastic!

    Cannot stand Hugh Grant though. He can only seem to play one character.

  30. What a great list. I love every single movie on there and, yes, Love Actually is one of my most favorite. Please do check out Moonstruck, it's also on my top shelf.

    Other oldies for me are Romancing the Stone, You've Got Mail and Return to Me (Minnie Driver and David Duchovny). The supporting cast for this one is to die for and includes Carroll O'Connor in his last ever movie, James Belushi, Bonnie Hunt, David Allen Grier and many more.

    More recently I've fallen in love with Fool's Gold, What Happens in Vegas and Killers. Hmm, those last two star Ashton Kutcher. Mmmmm...

    BTW, this is my all-time favorite movie genre and everyone that's been mentioned were winners.

    Great post! that rebel, Olivia

  31. Yes, yes and yes.

    Here's my list. I might have more than 10...

    Love Actually
    Sleepless in Seattle
    While You Were Sleeping
    You've Got Mail
    Runaway Bride
    Notting Hill
    When Harry Met Sally
    Sabrina (1995)
    The Cutting Edge
    French Kiss
    10 Things I Hate About You
    Return to Me

    Now for my HK films:

    Love Me, Love My Money
    And I Hate You So
    Anna Magdalena
    My Dream Girl

    that's all i can remember off the top of my head... :D

  32. I LOVE Serendipity! It's so cute and sweet and perfect. Pretty Woman's amazing, too!

    I also love While You Were Sleeping, My Best Friend's Wedding and Sweet Home Alabama :)

  33. I loved Made of Honor, While You were Sleeping, French Kiss, You've Got Mail, and the FIRST Bridget Jones. :)

  34. My favorite on your list is Pretty Woman. Love that movie! I'm a fan of Runaway Bride too. There's something so charming about Richard Gere (or, there was back then, as you mentioned.) :)

  35. Oh my gosh, that SCENE from Love Actually is one of my all time favorites!! I have a soft spot for the Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks ones, so I'd rank Sleepless in Seattle up there. These are all so great and now I'm really in the mood to cuddle up to one.

  36. I'm going to go WAY back and say The Goodbye Girl!

  37. Interesting choices there, Talli, but I'd add some of my own... The Princess Bride, An Affair to Remember, Love Story, Ice Castles, and The Break Up. Fantastic films! :)

  38. Love this list, Talli! I watch About A Boy, Knotting Hill, and The Wedding Singer a couple times each year. I also like School of Rock and Paul Blart, Mall Cop. Movies should make you smile, right?

  39. Notting Hill was good. You've got a few of the better ones in your list. French Kiss (with Meg Ryan) was good as well, and I'm not a big fan of rom coms.

  40. All great, great movies. My favorite is Love Actually!!!

  41. "Love, Actually" was just on TV this past weekend. Great story.

    I also adore Notting Hill. Hearing that you live close makes me want to go there even more. :p

    Here are a few of my favs to add to your list:
    - 50 first dates
    - 13 going on 30
    - 500 Days of Summer
    - Ever After!
    - Princess Bride
    - The Notebook
    - Sleepless in Seattle
    - Runaway Bride
    - When Harry Met Sally
    - Kate and Leopold
    - Hitch
    - Shakespeare in Love
    - Never Been Kissed
    - The Holiday

  42. The one I can never pass up when it is playing on TV is Miss Congeniality :)

  43. I love every single one of those (except Green Card - only because I haven't seen it yet)

    I also really loved The Wedding Planner, Never Been Kissed, A Cinderella Story, Ever After, The Lake House, Just Like Heaven, 13 Going on 30, Music and Lyrics

    Okay, I have to stop. My list could go on forever! ;)

  44. Not seen Green Card, but every one of the rest has earned its place on the list. The only ones missing are Runaway Bride and My Best Friend's Wedding.
    But then I love Julia Roberts almost as much as I do Hugh Grant.

  45. Love Actually is my #2 favorite rom-com of all time!

    And yes, I'd have to echo Kath who loves Moonstruck. That's my #1. :)

    Great list. I feel like renting all of these and watching them over course of one rainy weekend.

  46. I loved watching Bridget Jone's Diary, Notting Hill, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Forest Gump (it is SO a RomCom) and Pretty Woman.

  47. Hi Talli .. I'd concur with that lot .. good selection for a 2nd, 3rd or x watch .. fun .. thanks - Hilary

  48. Have never seen Serendipity or The Wedding Singer. But I'm with you on the rest.

  49. Ooh...hard question. I'm more of a thriller/fantasy/sci fi girl, but I do enjoy a good romance. Sweet Home Alabama was good.

  50. Oh God, *that scene* from Love Actually just rips me apart every time. Guarantee full-on tears every time he walks away and says "Enough. Enough, now". *blub*.
    Agree with 'While You Were Sleeping' Plus 'The Lake House', 'The Notebook' (obvs, 'It's Complicated' (laughed to the point of dampness) and, very recently 'Valentines Day' which I thought was FAB.

  51. Oh God, yes, High Fidelity - that film has it all. (The book's even better though)x

  52. Yup, lovely selection of films. Oddly, I like my films a bit soppy and my books more real.

  53. I have to admit that I'm not a fan of Rom-Coms after seeing far too many really bad ones many years ago.

    But, I do have a soft spot for Love Actually... there is just something about it :)

  54. super list... I really, REALLY loved BJD... my English boss gave me the British version w/her weight in stones... it was a hoot! Why do they change these things?

    Hmm... as an adder... hmm... So I Married an Axe Murderer??? Love Mike Myers.

  55. Yay, for Love Actually - love the film and that it's set at Christmas makes it even better!

  56. I can't believe While You Were Sleeping wasn't on your list! That's ok, we're still friends though. :)

  57. Agreed, love While You were Sleeping and also How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days - so funny and sweet, always give me that warm fuzzy feeling.


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