Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ten for Tuesday: Debris on My Desk

Interesting, non? Don't you want to hear what's on my desk, at this very moment?

1. Empty coffee mug. Must be retained until the writing day is finished, or all hell will break loose.

2. Two phones. My Samsung Galaxy Europe and an old pink Nokia, because I'm too lazy to update my new number with everyone.

3. Aloe Vera Vaseline Lip Therapy. I can't live without it.

4. Empty water glass. 'Coz I'm thirsty.

5. A hooked-rug coaster featuring a kitty cat design, from Cheticamp, Nova Scotia. My little piece of home.

6. A metallic camel penholder from Egypt. A gift from my husband's cousin when we were in Cairo last year.

7. A paperclip holder moulded from plasticine and lots o' paperclips. A 'gift' from Mr TR. So romantic.

8. A tissue. Because this damn pollen is making my nose run!

9. A guillotine (that's what they call a paper-cutter here. Scary). No idea why.

10. A wrist-rest for my keyboard. I never use it.

What's on your desk?


  1. A guillotine! Yipes! I've got stuff, just stuff cuz I just took a break from cleaning out stuff. Oh, fun!

  2. No desk! Just a coffee table with a bunch of crap on it.

  3. Oh, this should be good. At this moment: two candle saucers, 4 bird figurines, a shallow clay vessel that's holding my thumb drives and various jewelry, three bottles of nail polish, my Bluetooth ear piece, a comb, an empty water bottle, a pen, my iPod and headphones, some lip balm, my phone, and a steel rose. Oh, and a hairband.

    I'm packing today...promise.

  4. I think if I wrote down all the stuff on my desk, you'd be suprised that I'm actually able to even put my laptop on it.

  5. LOL! So interesting. I have a computer, phone, lamp, coffee mug, tissues, files, a card, a gift bag with chocolate, a printer, and a hole puncher. Yeah, I'm wild. ;)

  6. Bwahaha! I love that a paper cutter is called a guillotine in Britain. I will now trim address labels for packages with extra gusto, imagining powdered wigs and roaring crowds.

    My desk is about the only consistently neat spot in the house. I have reference books neatly aligned, a rack of CDs, a pile of flash drives, and a penholder full of pens that don't work. Most of my messy notes get tucked into binders and hidden in magazine holders on the floor under the desk, out of sight.

  7. lol, a guillotine... Makes sense, I guess. Although, I was about to be very impressed and mildly disturbed. :D My desk? Well... anything but my computer. It's covered with a printer, water boiler, various and sundry soda cans/bottles, keys, a lamp, a wallet, stationary, phone, staplers, books, and video games. I do all my writing next to my desk, sitting on my bed. :)

  8. I have Vaseline lip therapy cocoa butter on mine! The lip-biting tension must be the connection. LOL

    A mound of books. Hand cream. Pens. A tile with a mother's love rhyme from my son. Norah Jones CD. A tub with nail varnish, nail file, tipex, and other bits.

    I thought paper cutters were always called guillotines! No wonder the Cypriot woman went white when I asked if she could order me one for my craft room. The Brits hanged the Cypriots decades ago, she must have thought I was going to start my own culling sessions. :o

  9. A full cup of coffee because I'm a caffeine addict. Phone, bluetooth, notebooks, checkbook, laptop. Oh crap, I forgot I don't have a desk cuz the kids stole the den. I have a kitchen table now. Grr. And from one lip moisturizing person to another, you've got to discover LYPSYL lip balm with pure Swedish beeswax. Omigod, its the greatest. I left home without it once and actually turned the car around. Is that sick or what?

  10. I actually don't sit at a desk anymore. I use my laptop with a lap support and sit on the couch. Next to me is my appointment book and a notebook. Behind me is a window ledge with the telephone, the external drive, a glass of water, a mug with pens, a tissue box, a buddha with a candle in it, and a bunch of rocks, amethyst, geodes, etc.

  11. It's just about twice as long as yours, but remember...you asked LOL
    1. Nearly full coffee mug. First cup of the day - finally!
    2. Two phones. Cordless landline and my ancient cell that never even heard there's an internet.
    3. MS LifeCam in box. Disc never finished downloading and thinks it's still running from over a year ago.
    4. Gateway 17"screen and 2 speakers. Necessary for my desktop.
    5. Misc. papers with codes for registering stuff online. Someday.
    6. Sticky notes and mini spiral pad. Writing ideas/notes.
    7. Pen, pencil, eraser, highlighter, whiteout. To use on the various note paper pads.
    8. Small digital recorder w/ earbud. To playback conversations for good dialogue ideas.
    9. 4'x6' plastic box w/ paper notes of passwords, ph #s and emails. To save somewhere.
    10. Small box of paper clips. Not sure why they're here.
    11. 3 computer/printer books. For troubleshooting.
    12. 3 Spanish books. I'm supposed to be re-educating myself.
    13. Bronze banker's lamp. For late night.
    14. Tiny mouse-shaped coupon/ad cutter. At least it's not a guillotine!
    15. Tiny oak leaf with acorns in different stages from last fall. Need to check out what kind it is so I can plant the same one in my own yard :~)
    16. Of course my mousepad, mouse and keyboard (on the lower deck).
    17. Baseball-sized ball of colorful rubberbands. To relieve tension ??
    18. List of blogger names that I've become the closest to. I pray for them each day :~)

  12. This time it really is 10! :)

    I didn't know a paper cutter was called a guillotine--how morbid!

    I have my computer [duh!] & lots & lots of books & notebooks stacked on either side. It's amazing how desks shrink as soon as you get 'em!

  13. I've been wanting a guillotine for ages. Having to cut paper with just scissors gets on my nerves and you can never get a truly straight line.

    Right now I don't have a desk. Just lots of surfaces that I'm making do with.


  14. Yay! Thanks, everyone, for chiming in! I thought my desk was cluttered but after reading all these... I guess not! :)

  15. My desk was too small, so I have taken over the dining room table (and now that too is filled)

  16. I love this...I should do my nightstand because it is piled high at the moment. I don't know why it has suddenly become a catch all. Have a great day!

  17. I have way more things on my desk than just ten. Two calendars, six notebooks, lots of papers with notes on them, post-it notes, lots of books, computer paper... I can do on and on and on. I use hubby's computer desk (basically it's mine now, lol) and it's a nice-sized one.

    And the guillotine! How cool!

  18. On my desk? An absolute mess of random crap.

  19. Empty coffee cup? For shame!! Fill it up, girl. :-)

  20. Let's see, Now I have my computer on my desk, the phone, notebooks to jot things down if I need to, varies pens, and pencils. Early when I sat down to write, I had a coffee cup, but that is gone now!
    There you have it! It changes though on a daily basis, but that was today. Smiles.

  21. Phone, a boot full of pens, a notebook block, two notebooks, a Never Give Up Frog, stapler, stone, and loads of paper! Oh and keyboard and computer of course.

  22. I'd work better if I had a guillotine on my desk!

  23. Oh, my desk. Yes, it's here somewhere:
    Two birthday cards so I don't forget to write/post them, mobile phone that people rarely call, four pens without tops, seven pen tops that don't fit said pens, empty fruit juice glass, half-full or half-empty coffee mug, diary open at April (?), 'Over the Hill' coaster that was a gift from my daughter, a snow globe with Merry Christmas on it (I know, I know, but I like it...)
    I could go on but maybe I'll just tidy my desk instead. ;)

  24. Clever post, Talli! I am going to check that Aloe Vera Vaseline Lip Therapy out, sounds like a must-have. :)

    On my desk, I have: empty glass tumbler, a mini globe of the world, three pen-and-pencil holders (all chock-full), my laptop, the sixth season of Smallville, my Writing Notebook, and my purse.



  25. No desk. Since I write while I'm sat on my bed, I tend to have the TV remotes, my pillows tucked behind my back, a note pad/pen, and that's about it. :)

  26. A glass of red wine (yes it's evening).

    And a book about roses. :)

  27. Your desk sounds much more exciting than mine. Mine is on the kitchen table so it's just my laptop, notepad, and placemats.

  28. I have quite a few things cluttering my desk, think your post will urge me to sort out later,


  29. My desk, scattered pens, open gaping hot pink glasses case, cause the glasses are propped on the nose. Empty travel mug and address book. That is about it for this desk. I need a guillotine!!!

  30. You're from Canada? That explains the hybrid accent in your video interview. :)

  31. Nothing at the moment, but I think I need a FULL cup of coffee.

  32. Two bookends, router, two headphones, mug (for water, not coffee), two books, printer, stacks of paper, old keyboard (that's old and probably doesn't work anymore), and envelopes. Wait, make that three books . . .

  33. Guillotine? That is scary!

    A metal tin lunchbox Rosie the Riveter "We Can Do It" that holds pens, papers, and various junk and a tissue box. I also have coffee and laptop. Oh, and the remote to change songs on my iPod dock. All set!

  34. Oh my goodness...WAY too much of a mess! My tea and Milano cookies, various books (thesaurus, dictionary, Elements of Style, Rules for Writers), scratched itunes and Club Penguin cards, ink cartridge I need to return to Staples, my notebooks, camera, pens, pencils, candy wrappers, 2 random cords...

    Okay, I need to definitely clean up.

  35. Must have something for the lips!! So sorry about the tissues. I have a pile, too, right now. :( Dang, allergies.

  36. Your mention of water made me thirsty, so now that I'm back from the water dispenser, I can comment.

    Over here, we also call a paper cutter a guillotine, left over from the French revolution, I'd guess.

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much clutter on my desk!

  37. Hehe. I love this because I'm such a nosey person!

    On my desk (emm...dining room table) I have my laptop, mouse, diary, box with all my writing stuff, Nokia C300, glasses, Star Trek coaster, and Star Trek mug.

  38. my comfy stone... an empty mug with blue hair... my collection of keys I've found... a pottery bird I found... buttons... nothing useful!

  39. Usually so much stuff that there isn't any room to work!

  40. Haha yay!! I have to have some sort of drink, post its, pens, and space (this never happens).

  41. Wanna know what's on my "desk"? A heated blanket, a pillow, and my mouse. My loveseat is my "desk"! LOL!

  42. Hi, Talli,

    Thanks for the warm welcome home!

    I don't have a desk. I write on a laptop table that is like a breakfast tray that tilts. It's so cool. I can write lying down in bed or on the couch...

    Of course this does no DO anything for the waistline...LOL. That's what the gym is for....

  43. A guillotine?! Am intrigued to why you have one. The only time I used this was when doing my art degree or arty jobs swishing through paper - usually storyboards to mount up on foam-board. Do you do art? Fantastic if you do - something else in common! And yes, I never really questioned why it was called a guillotine. :)

  44. Love the list! I have a moccasin (one) and a glow in the dark fairy! (Inspiration for my books.)

  45. HA HA about the two phones! I have some Kleenex with various "already been chewed" pieces of gum in them. I know, so gross!!!

  46. I loved reading everything that people had on their desk. Too funny!
    Sadly, I use the dining room table. We have a home computer on a desk, but it's in the living room where all of the action is. I can't work in there!
    Sometimes I have to resort to headphones and lay my trusty iPhone beside me. If it's earlier than noon, you may find a coffee mug beside me. If it's after 4:00 pm...? :)
    Thanks for posting.


  47. A guillotine? Really - that's a new one! :)

    No desk here either. But on my bed I've got my laptop, my iPod, a novel, a box of tissues & a glass of water on my bedside table :)

  48. My desk mainly just has my laptop, desk lamp, and a bunch of stuff on it that I'm too lazy to throw away because I keep thinking I might need it later. That's why I often end up with a bunch of old receipts and junk mail scattered all over the place.

  49. In one word


    That is it. And (you will be pleased to hear) it includes an empty bottle o red :-)

  50. I rarely use my current desk just because it's so small. Aside from the Dell PC I hardly use anymore (of which the monitor/keyboard/mouse/speakers take up practically the whole desk), there's a stack of papers, an iPod shuffle, a framed picture of my husband and I, a large Yankee Candle jar (Autumn Wreath, almost gone), my camera, and a thermometer (probably should put that away now). And my MacBook as I type this.

    Not very writer-friendly.

  51. a phone, a mug with the words 'CHAP' on it from my therapy teacher who was a ship's padre (chaplain) stuffed with pens that don't work, several earings flung out of my ears but not carried upstairs, notes from my writer's group, bills, receipts, a wooden rabbit, scrabble cheats, a lovely stone jug thing with very fancy paper in it, a crochet hook, Cucina hand creme. there.Jan Morrison

  52. What a great read! I've loved learning what everyone has on their desk - thanks, all, for commenting!

  53. Empty coffee mug? No dregs of cold coffee? I can never seem to finish a cup... Unless it's a latte :-)

  54. 1. laptop
    2. glasses case
    3. books for upcoming reviews
    4. roll of toilet paper (ran out of kleenex, lol)
    5. bills that need to be filed
    6. pens
    7. scrap paper
    8. extension cord
    9. cord to laptop
    10. comb


Coffee and wine for all!